Taking on the C&O Yomp is going to be a tough challenge. For many people who have signed up for the event have never walked further than 10 miles let alone 48 miles in 24 hours across the rolling terrain of the C&O Trail. So preparation will be key to you enjoying and completing your route.

We suggest that you start training at least 3 months before the event and that you speak to your doctor before you start if you have any concerns about your health or your ability to complete this challenge. We’ve worked with personal trainer D.J Velky who has developed a training guide which is on pdf below and has YouTube sessions for training.

If you have any questions feel free to call the team email at [email protected]

Top training tips

Get into the habit of walking everywhere (to work, to run errands, to see friends), leaving your car behind, and avoiding public transport where possible

Exercise at least 4 times a week – try other sports to provide variety to your training, while still building up your fitness

Do your long walks at weekends on varied terrain?

Find a training partner – take turns being the motivator and planner for your training sessions. Also, organize some team training sessions to get to know each other’s pace, and to build up good team spirit.

Be safe – always make sure someone knows where and when you are going, and when you expect to be back.

Get to know your equipment – wear your boots everywhere, and train carrying a backpack to get used to the weight. If you are going to use walking poles during the Yomp, make sure you train with them as well.

Warm-up – stretch your muscles about 10 minutes after you have started training, and again at the end of your session to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Keep an exercise log detailing the date, type of exercise, distance covered, and time taken.

The Appalachian Yomp takes place on 2/3 October 2021. Make sure you have completed your maximum training distance by the middle of September, to allow 2 weeks of lighter training so you are rested for the big day

Training is one part of your challenge – fundraising can be just as time-consuming, so have a look at our fundraising pages for some tips and advice.